May 10, 2016 - How will the EU referendum affect the markets? Make sure you understand what to look for before it happens! March 9, 2016 - 1 to 1 financial trading courses in London, coming soon. January 7, 2016 - 2016 is sure to be a turbulent year for the financial markets – do you have the skills to profit from it?

One to One Stock Market Training

Wizard Capital Management is the Northwest’s leading provider of financial training courses. We are an ethical company with a simple aim, we want to teach you how to invest your money and make consistent profits!Why?? After many years of trading experience we know how hard the business can be and therefore are looking to work with individuals who have demonstrated a keen interest and the tenacity to succeed. Our Pro Trader Course is run on a one to one basis as a trading method must fit the individuals character and personality, We do not believe that trading can be taught successfully in groups.  


As many of those who have been working with us know, we are a small company of professional traders/ fund managers and not the typical training providers that you can find elsewhere. Our business has always been geared to provide a service and is not about selling courses based on magnificent claims or fantasy. For this reason we have restructured the courses we offer and now only offer our Pro Trader Course to individuals who have passed an entrance exam and meet certain financial criteria.


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