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Shares With Cher – 80% UP!

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Well its been sometime, 18 months in fact since we first started picking stocks for the Shares with Cher radio feature we ran with imagine FM and we went back to see how things were progressing. The results are surprisingly good….

How about that then, an 83% return on investment in just around 18 months. This is simply buying the shares at the levels we gave out and then managing them using our methods and rules that we teach on our courses. Imagine how big the return would be if you had added to positions and used some other more advanced techniques we teach!!

This was and is a great demonstration of how profitable and efficient our systems are and how simple it can be for you to make phenomenal gains in the stock market. Will you have made 80% in the next 18 months? Perhaps you should consider a share dealing course with us…

Stock Watch – learn to trade the stock market

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If you have been following Antofagasta you will know that we are now 180 points higher than the buy price I gave you in early January, thats 180 points from a very low risk trade – even I am surprised to be honest but then I do have something on the wall of the office that says “The market often surprises” – as a reminder to follow rules!

This week we want to take a look at British Land CO, you can see the levels highlighted on the chart and these are our current key levels, we want to be long above 665 and holding our stop just below 639, obviously we can scale out a bit if 665 is breached and if stopped out of the long below 639 then we will enter the short once a day or two has been spent trading below this level.

Those of you who are regular viewers of the blog will know that we tend not to put too much faith in targets for trades (That would be prediction, which we avoid) however I would suggest 750 as the initial target (level of resistance) further out above this level and 900 we could be looking at the trade of the year here with massive upside potential. As always if you would like to learn to trade the stock market then please get in touch!

Please do not make trading decisions based on the articles in this blog, they are for demonstration purposes only, please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Stock Watch – Learning to trade

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Were actually going to update on the Antofagasta trade mentioned a couple of weeks ago, those who followed this would have done very nicely as just a couple of days after the post, prices bounced off the 7.64 level as expected!

Only a small stop was needed and the trade was well into profit by the following day, how much could you have made from this trade considering the risk and the 80 point move that followed it. Ok no one is going to capture all 80 points but now your sitting pretty in a zero risk trade if your a position trader or you banked some nice profits if you prefer the short term.

Thanks to Sharescope for the image

Either way the simplicity of this trade is also the beauty, and the low risk involved is just icing on the cake. If you are interested in  learning to trade like this then contact us today.

Forget Wolf of Wall Street, become the wolf of your street

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With the recent release of the fabulous ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ enquiries into stockbroking jobs have soared, hopefully its not because you want the crazy lifestyle Mr Belfort had but because you want to take control of your financial freedom and live the life you want!

Aside from stockbroking, trading is where the mega money is made in the financial markets and despite what may be thought, there are very few barriers to entry. Our stock market trading courses and forex trading courses are designed to give you a head start in this business and kick start your trading career. Contact us now for more details.

Share Analysis – Stock Watch

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New for 2014 we will be looking at a new company every week and performing some analysis on the price action. This enables us to demonstrate how powerful, price action trading really is. This week Antofagasta PLC has caught our eye but please remember we are not interested in the fundamentals of this mining company we are using technical analysis to base our buy sell decisions on.

Share analysis price action

Looking at the chart we can see the relevance of the £7.64 price point, it acted as a high turning point in 2007 and then as major support in 2010, sending the price off to over £16 a share. Without going into too much depth, we base our expectations for the future on how price behaved in the past, its not always the case but often this bears fruit. It also allows us to generate a level we can trade from. In simple terms we want to be buying whilst price stays above 7.64 and shorting if price breaks below and the support fails. Its already showing signs that the support is holding so a test buy is on the cards now and is a low risk trade, if the long fails we will reverse and go short and vice versa until the move is established. Unfortunately this stock has been trending down for some time so we may have a battle as price approaches this level again…

The techniques we use for actually trading this price level will remain secret with us and become available to anyone who comes on one of our courses, so speak to us today about booking your course to find out how you can make some money from Antofagasta!

Please note that the comments written here are for analysis only and do not constitute buy or sell recommendations, please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Stock market and forex training

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Make 2014 the year you change your financial situation by learning how to supplement your income with successful trading. Our price action trading courses are designed with the beginner in mind and can quickly enable you to be making money from trading.

We have a range of festive offers including massive discounts on our courses for those booked by the end of January 2014. Speak to us today about your requirements and make an appointment to come and see us in the new year.

We wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!

Stocks Vs Forex

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Everyone in the industry is aware of the recent boom in forex trading but are you overlooking a better way to make money?

The stock market can offer a much more stable and ‘readable’ method of trading, certainly for the beginner and is less controlled by massive institutions and governments than the Forex markets. One of the hardest problems to deal with in Forex is getting stopped out of trades not so far from the turning point and then witnessing the market go exactly as expected. This is tough to take and happens a lot less in individual stocks, especially when trading from our historic key levels, where tight stops allow a trader or investor to risk small amounts of capital and generate larger returns.

To find out more about our ever popular stock market courses please contact us!

Forex Trading Systems

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Regular followers of our blog will notice the absence of articles lately and this is due to the fact that we have been so busy working on further development of our trading systems and building some new ones.

So what are we looking for in our forex trading systems? Is it a high winning percentage with smaller gains or lower percentage hit ratio with larger profits? The question has been debated many a time and in truth there really is no right answer or holy grail to trading or trading systems. The bigger question is can you apply and follow the rules of your system in the long run and make it pay dividend?

One system we uncovered recently had a hit ratio of somewhere near 80% however when we started live testing it was pretty clear that the high risk and small reward meant that even at 80% this system would be very difficult to follow, by the time you factored in spread and a bit of slippage it would prove extremely difficult to make good consistent returns and the threat of getting hammered hard on certain occasions was ever present. Anyone who has traded a little will have heard about high percentage systems meaning a trader will eat like a bird and sh** like an elephant and this is exactly what tends to happen.

There are many companies and individuals all over the internet today selling trading systems, offering advice and information for new traders and it can be extremely confusing for a new trader deciding where to start. There is simply so much BS talked about trading these days, the lure of easy money and the appeal of being a trader seems to haul people into the business in droves. Here at WCM we are focused on and dedicated to the business of trading, only providing education to those showing true interest and determination to succeed. We tell everyone the same thing – we can give you the theory and some practical training but then it is really about what you are prepared to put in.

When it comes to developing your trading system or method there are a number of things which need to be considered. We have found this article to be very useful and often refer our clients here when the subject of trading systems is raised.




Forex Training Courses

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Our new Forex site is now live at here you can find many commonly used terms relating to Forex trading and start building your knowledge of the Forex markets.

We also plan to update the site over the coming months with many other free educational resources such as live trading demonstrations and trade plans. As always our Forex Training Courses are in high demand and since we only run courses on a 1 to 1 basis we are now taking bookings for the summer months. If you are interested in attending one of our courses then come in and have a coffee with us first to discuss your requirements!


A word about losses…

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Genuine day traders will undoubtedly experience losing trades and indeed losing runs of varying degrees. Losing trades are thus an inescapable part of successful day trading. Yes, you read that right – a successful day trader will experience losses as well as losing runs from time to time. The most important thing however is how a trader deals with them when they occur.

Once a trader accepts these inevitable losses the factors they should work to control are pretty straightforward. It is about focusing on a couple of key areas:

  • Money management
  • Trader psychology

Here are some simple rules to help us as traders deal with losses and losing runs more effectively:

Money Management

  • Risk less when you experience a run of losses
  • Cut back position size until you experience a run of successful trades again
  • Only start to risk more when you experience consecutive successful trades.

Trader Psychology

  • Never try to ‘get back’ losses by revenge trading (i.e. increasing position size or trading frequency) to compensate
  • Never try to make more than your losses back in the same day. If you cover your losses for that day GO OFF AND DO SOMETHING ELSE – BUT DO NOT TRADE AGAIN!

If you would like to learn about these principles and more, please click here to discover the potential benefits of taking our Pro-Trader course.

By Dave Newall

Dave has recently joined Wizard Capital Management as a proprietary trader and has a desk at our Manchester offices, a former medical advisor and Pro Trader Course delegate, Dave will be continuing to write articles about the new experiences of becoming a full time trader.

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