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2013 – A great year to learn to trade the forex markets!

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Perhaps a year with a 13 in it would have the superstitious concerned about starting a new career in financial trading however superstition and luck play virtually no part in long term trading success. Our trading course graduates have started the year positively and the stage is set for another profitable year. Of course this has little to do with the fact the FTSE has rocketed since early January as we profit from both long and short trades in the markets.

Our share dealing courses and FOREX courses have become very popular with people looking to supplement their income and indeed those who are looking to beat the returns of ‘standard’ investments, we are pleased to report that our hedge fund is already 5% up on the year and looking strong. Our trading courses can teach you the simple techniques we use to achieve these returns and through a disciplined and structured approach how you can mirror this performance.

We are always pleased to hear from people who want to learn to trade the forex markets or manage their investments more efficiently and invite you to make an appointment to come in and have an informal chat about your investment goals. Please click here for more details about the courses we offer.

2012 FTSE Trading Review

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2012 saw the FTSE100 climb from 5650 to finish the year at 5937 a modest 5% increase, yet even tracking this index throughout the year would have beaten standard bank interest rates. Many of you will have read our recent posts and articles on future direction for the FTSE and of course will know that we were really behind it making it to 6000 before year end – well we touched 5998 on 27th December and thats just about close enough for us!

Timing is always very difficult to anticipate in the markets and in many ways is not essential unless of course you are dealing in options! The important point to take away from this exercise was interpreting the price action correctly in order to have an expectation of future prices – for us this simply meant that we were looking for higher prices due to the price behavior in recent months. The fact that it tied in nicely with the important psychological level of 6000 on the FTSE was just a bonus and for now we remain bullish in our medium term outlook.

So whats on the cards for 2013? Well as we often say to our clients we dont like to ‘predict’ market moves rather we draw an expectation based on the way the prices are trading and for now higher prices should follow, 6080-6140 may offer some short term resistance after that we are looking for 6400 and higher. There are a few key levels beneath us now that will act as support and will only change our bullish outlook for 2013 if and when these levels are breached. Our courses teach you everything you need to know to understand price action trading, a skill that will help to keep you on the correct side of the market rather than fighting against it!

As always if you are interested in learning to profit from these price moves then please contact us to arrange an appointment to come in and discuss your trading/investment goals. We would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous year.

Tailored Forex Training Courses

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Here at Wizard Capital Management we pride ourselves on being one of a very small niche of companies who offer tailored forex training courses and stock market training courses. Working alongside our hedge fund traders from our sister company Wizard Capital Partners you will be taught the same methods we use to trade our fund.

Becoming a trader is an exciting prospect for many people and unfortunately there are some unscrupulous companies out there who are primarily interested in selling courses -Not here! Our aim is to train only a select group of clients in our price action trading techniques and offer an ongoing support program to ensure they have the best chance of making money from the stock market or other trading activities.

All our training is done on a one to one basis to ensure the course moves at a pace suitable for the client and focuses on the areas of trading that fit their character and learning speed. Having trained clients from all across the UK its becoming apparent that our personalised service is worth traveling for! Working with some of the top companies in the industry we pride ourselves on providing an excellent foundation to start a trading career from or simply to learn techniques that will enable you to manage your investments more successfully.

Further details of our courses are available by clicking here

FTSE100 Trading Update

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Regular followers of our blog will remember us talking about whether the FTSE will get to 6000 before the end of 2012 and given the price action begining in November you would certainly be forgiven for being skeptical of this. The FTSE has traded in a fairly wide range between September and November and this recent dip out of the bottom was certainly a cause for concern however the large move on November 19th further reinforces the strength in this market bringing prices back into the trading range.

Generally speaking when a market breaks from a consolidation and then quickly moves back inside it often leads to a complete reverse through the opposite side of the consolidation. Fortunately we don’t need to try and predict what the market is going to do all we really need to do is find a trading opportunity from the price action. Around 5720 is the level at which short trades can be entered or long stops can be placed. If 5720 is broken again within the next few weeks then it will likely lead too a much bigger move to the downside.

Spread Betting Courses

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If on the other hand 5720 holds and we see continuation through the trading range then we maintain our expectation of a move up to 6000 possibly by year end. Without taking into consideration the ‘seasonal’ rally often seen at year end we can rely on the price action to give us an expectation of the next medium term move. FTSE100 trading on an intraday basis has been a little tricky of late with some nasty spikes in prices around the key levels making low risk entry trades very difficult, in these circumstances we trade with tight stops and look to take our profits a little earlier than normal.


Santa’s Rally, How to make a Christmas Bonus!!

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It is a well discussed fact that over the markets in general, FTSE and other such indexes, Forex markets as well as Stocks that Santa’s Rally can offer some great trades. So what is it and how does it work??

The principal behind the theory is that during the back end of the year the institution/brokers/traders and all are trying extra hard to gat the end of year bonuses that everybody is always after. Whilst doing this we generally see more money than normal being put into the different markets. Working from basic principals we know that markets move as a result of people putting money in and taking money out. So if more people are putting money in then we can assume that the market price will move higher. The business principal of supply and demand. Looking at the final quarter of each year historically we also see that prices in general rise during this period. Hence ‘Santa’s Rally’.

So how can we best make money from this?? Thats the big question! Well you can start by coming on our one day course, from just £399 you can make that back and more, well in time for Christmas!! Further information;

Don’t let your shares be in charge of you!!! – Learn about stocks and shares trading

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So you have shares. The good news is that they can make you money but only if you have a plan. So many investors have shares and think that by sitting on them ‘for the long term’ they are being financially savvy or safe. Well the harsh reality is they are not

For example, ‘They are my retirement fund’. REALLY?? So how much will they be worth when you retire? Answer, no body knows……………… So that clearly is not going to be a good idea then. So what is required is a plan, as with so many things in life, if you have a plan, things generally work much better.

So whats needed in this plan?? Well the answer is………. not a lot!! Simply you need to know when you are going to ‘buy’ and when you are going to ‘sell’. Share prices go up, and down and by identifying at what point you intend to sell a stock means that you have a plan. Then on a daily basis you can very quickly check the current price and know if your sell point is approaching. Then when it arrives, sell the stock, and take the profit. Because yo have a plan you will already know what you intend to invest in next and its just a matter of time before your ‘buy’ price arrives, you buy the stock and away we go again.

To learn how to identify ‘buy’ and ‘sell prices all you need is one of our one day courses, realistically the cost of this course can be recouped in just one trade……………

Theres no time like the present!!!!!

How to make money with stocks and shares in a recession.

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Some would say its not that easy, however the reverse is also true as can be seen with our Shares with Cher portfolio for Imagine FM! Nearly 15% profit in a matter of 2 months!!!

Even in the deepest recessions some companies will do well, some because they benefit from people tightening their belts, others because they significantly out perform the competition. Either way there are money making opportunities and because they can be harder to spot they are generally more rewarding! The key is identifying them, and don’t forget you can also trade short, i.e. when you expect prices to fall you can still make money. Often short trading is an even quicker route to a great return on investment.

So spotting these opportunities, how do you?? We use the standard methods taught on our courses, price indicators, key levels, and other similar technical assessment methods. Once you have done your research and identified prospective opportunities it takes literally minutes each day to manage your stocks. You are just checking if certain stocks have reached certain pre calculated levels. If one has reached a key level, you buy or sell accordingly. Job done!!

So come and learn how simple it can be on our one day share dealing course…………….


Stock Market Update – FTSE100

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Last week we were talking trend following as a method of trading and highlighted some of the issues concerning this form of trading. Focusing on the short term or day trading is not a reason to ignore the trend though. If we follow the direction of the primary or secondary trend with our short term positions then we can run our profits for that little bit longer than if we are fighting the trend!

Despite the decent move north in the FTSE on Thursday (we were long from our level at 5785) there were 2 nice opportunities to make 10 points or so back in the opposite direction, one from the level at 5804 and one from 5818. Now we took the second of these trades and made just over 10 points in the trade, the important thing to note though is that our risk was virtually zero! The chart below shows an overview of the two trades and the lower chart is the 1 minute displaying how the move played out.

FTSE trade

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We can clearly see the resistance at these critical levels and they gave us perfect low risk opportunities. Again we would never be looking to make 20-30 points on a trade like this, they are scalps and should be treated as such, you enter with a very tight stop 3-5 pips, ideally at the end of a 15 minute candle and what you want to see is prices start moving in the opposite direction as soon as the next candle forms. See the 1 minute chart below…

share trading training

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Now i know we suffered a pull back right to the entry but it was so brief before making the new low that it kept us from exiting, at this point we would have said if it goes 2 points higher than the previous high we would have closed the trade out for a 3-4 point loss. Fortunately the market sold off quicker than it reversed and we took our profit at 10.5 points! It must be noted that scalping is not a method that suits every trader but can provide those little extras if you know how to use a scalping method properly. In next weeks stock market update we will be talking future direction the FTSE.

Direct Line IPO

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Direct Line Insurance. How to make money at floatation.

The UK’s largest government owned lender RBS has raised £787 million pounds through its initial public offering. This is good news as the sell off has been required by the European Union to comply with current legislation. In 2008 RBS received a £45.5 billion government rescue package, the biggest ever in the whole world but the sale is now required to avoid future compliance issues.

So the big question for us in the real world is, ‘How to make money on it?’ As always its about having an edge. You can read all the reports, the press releases etc but then everybody else can do that too so it doesn’t gain you an edge. Everybody knows its been doom and gloom with Direct Line figures for the last ten years and that in the last 18 months they look like they have turned a corner.

A general wide held expectation is that it could be a repeat of Facebook. Get in at the start for a quick profit and then get out quick because this could fall like a stone!!! The question is how do you confirm this expectation. The only factual way to do this is by studying Price Behaviour, being able to understand Price Indicators, and knowing how to build a Trading Plan. If this stock and its trading plan can be dove tailed into your Portfolio Plan then it could be a very worth while trade!!

Find out more about our share trading courses HERE

Trend Following – Forex Trading Course

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Many new traders can be heard saying they are trend followers because that is ‘the way’ to make money from trading according to the ‘experts’. In actual fact few people can clearly define the current trend in a market and more still get confused when asked to describe it. Looking at the chart below we can see that a number of trends are in existence in the FTSE since the beginning of the year. The overall picture is one of sideways movement however if we look from May to present we can see the market is trending higher.

FTSE100 Trading

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The red trend lines clearly show the parameters of the trend (a series of higher highs and lower lows in this case) however when we look closer into the 15 minute chart we can see that the corrective phase or pull back we are currently in is also a trend – just on a shorter time scale. Whether you want to trade commodities, stocks or anything else an understanding of trends and their importance is critical to success, we cant think of a single type of trading where knowing the trend would not be helpful or indeed necessary! Our forex trading courses and other courses demonstrate how to clearly define the trend and teach you how to KNOW exactly where in the trend we are!

Stock Training

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Understanding where we are in the trend at any given time is a critical element to successful trading whether you are a trend follower or not! Knowing where the short term force is in the market and who (bears or bulls) are controlling the price helps us manage positions. For example we wouldn’t want to be fighting the bulls at the moment in the medium to longer term positions whereas we are more than happy to take short term trades to the downside. Despite the ‘hype’ about the economy we are actually looking at a bullish market and expect to see 6000 and above very shortly. Knowing when that has ended on the other hand is a technique reserved for our course attendees - so come and find out what you can learn and how to become a trader – a consistently profitable trader!

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