Happy New Year

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Markets have had a turbulent start to the year and 2016 is already looking to be quite an exciting ride for traders. After taking the latter part of 2014 and most of 2015 away from the training business and focusing on our fund we are offering courses again in 2016. As always though we are going to be selective about who we work with, if your circumstances mean that you dont have sufficient time or trading capital to really benefit then we will always recommend a re evaluation until circumstances improve. We are not like many of the typical training providers who exist purely to sell courses, we are traders who very occasionally (and for the right client) will take a week away from trading to teach. Its now becoming easier for us to do this as we have been able to automate a number of our trading systems.

Many people looking to start trading dont have anywhere near what we would call a sufficient amount of capital (5-10k that you can comfortably afford to lose) to make a crack at it. Whilst you can make fantastic, compounded annual profits its more about psychology and mind set than the quality of your trading system or method. Conventionally, when we talk about money you can ‘afford’ to lose the reason is to take some of the emotion away from it so that you can make decisions based on data/systems and NOT what feels good. This is a major error that many traders make and one that has to be fixed, of course the root of this is the fear of failure. Unless a trader can address the fear of failure (be that losing money on a single trade or overall failure) they are unlikely to progress. We have seen clients with large incomes who have ‘set aside’ funds that when it comes down to it, they are not prepared to take any risk with. Some of them would have been good traders but the fear of loss prevented them from making any advances.

Our message for the start of the year is to start addressing your fear of failure or any other trading related fears, examine them and explore them. Understand the fear and then work through it because it never goes away. In fact anxiety and fear are really the emotions needed for success, if they arent present then you probably arent pushing yourself enough.


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