May 10, 2016 - How will the EU referendum affect the markets? Make sure you understand what to look for before it happens! March 9, 2016 - 1 to 1 financial trading courses in London, coming soon. January 7, 2016 - 2016 is sure to be a turbulent year for the financial markets – do you have the skills to profit from it?

Gail – Company Director – Pro Trader Course

“Extremely impressed, the art of trading is explained so well on the course. The course documents are a great resource and the on going mentorship is fantastic. I have been back to see the team twice for mentoring and am now trading using the rule based systems they teach. Trading and making a profit, its great!”

Trader TrainingStuart – Mechanical Engineer – Pro Trader Course

“The Wizard Capital team have really kick started my trading career, after being made redundant I am now getting into a position where I don’t think I am going to go back to working for someone else. Thanks!”

TradersAdrian – Offshore Engineer – Pro Trader

“Congratulations on a well structured and intuitive course which was well presented.  I could tell it was passing on years of invaluable experience whilst ensuring that we understood the concepts.  I have now been successfully trading from work for several months.”

 Chris - Civil Servant – Pro Trader

“It’s a world away from my day job, but the course trainer understood exactly what I needed from the course. As a result, even though I’m only trading part time, I am making 10 times the amount of money than if my money was sitting in a bank.  What’s more, if you follow the rules, trading is exciting and extremely rewarding!

trader development

Dave – Medical Advisor  - Pro Trader

“Excellent course, if you want to learn proven strategies about how to trade and get ‘the glue’ to bring everything together. I have done other courses but none of them told me how to trade as well as this one.”

currency trader

Michael -Student – Pro Trader

“The course is exceptional, combined with the on going mentorship it is almost impossible to find fault. The knowledge passed on allows you to create and build your own trading systems which can be implemented into any market. The guys at Wizard Cap are dedicated to making you understand all the knowledge they pass on. The most important aspect of the course is that they want you to make money, a quality which can not be argued with!”

James -Builder – Share Dealing Course

“Excellent structure and content, so far learning from my mistakes has cost far more than this trader training course, I only wish I had invested the time in some training sooner”

Amy – Housewife – Share Dealing Course

“I have always wanted to get into trading, the guys at WCM are friendly and genuinely concerned with making sure everyone on the course understood what it is they should be doing. No spurious claims from these guys, they say its going to be tough and make no promises of easy money.”