May 10, 2016 - How will the EU referendum affect the markets? Make sure you understand what to look for before it happens! March 9, 2016 - 1 to 1 financial trading courses in London, coming soon. January 7, 2016 - 2016 is sure to be a turbulent year for the financial markets – do you have the skills to profit from it?

Trading Courses

We offer private training courses to individuals after a brief application process and financial suitability assessment. The reason we have taken this decision is to only attract people who are seriously committed and interested in learning to trade.

Our Pro Trader Course, which is run over 5 days and comes with a 12 month mentorship program, is aimed solely at individuals who are serious about learning to trade successfully. The stock market training business is often portrayed in a dim light and we really understand why! Companies that offer training courses for groups of people and sell computer software etc are not geared to train people effectively. It simply is not a business that can be taught in groups as understanding an individuals unique traits and abilities is fundamental when designing a trading methodology. We only train a handful of clients a year, which frankly doesnt pay the rent on our office however we have found that our own trading performance increases as a result of training others – and we enjoy doing it. Please dont be offended but we will not necessarily train anyone who walks through the door with the right amount of money, we are looking for candidates who are devoted and demonstrate interest and a strong desire to succeed. Successful delegates of our course may also be considered to receive trading capital once a period of consistent results has been established. Whilst previous trading experience is not required, candidates will be expected to demonstrate a basic level of understanding and interest in the financial markets.

Trading is NOT easy! It has taken many years of practice and failures to learn how to consistently make money but we do believe with the correct instruction and guidance you can learn how to make money consistently and then grow your capital. There are shortcuts but it is by no means simple and we recommend giving any company that claims otherwise a very wide birth indeed. If you have realistic expectations, a decent amount of capital to get started and a strong desire to succeed then we would love to hear from you. Our time is not cheap though and we will charge anywhere from £3-5k for a course (dependant upon your experience). We have also never had to ‘sell’ a course, there are no pushy presentations and we basically leave it entirely down to you to decide if its the right thing for you. We our extremely passionate about working with our clients after completing a course and offer daily email support and a range of further benefits with our mentorship program which is included with all courses.


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